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Commercial HVAC Installation and Repairs

If you need assistance with your air conditioner and other appliances on your business property, it’s important to find a team who understands how to work on commercial appliances. These differ from residential style ones, though they do have aspects in common. However, commercial HVAC installation and repairs come with their own set of rules and guidelines, so it’s vital that you find someone who understands exactly what to do to get the job done. And at Gold Medal Service, we can do just that and make your life that much easier.

Whether you’re looking for AC, boiler, or furnace cleaning or commercial refrigeration appliance repair, we can help. Our team is well trained in all categories, and we have decades long experience working with companies across Las Vegas, NV, however big and small. We understand how to survey the situation, diagnose the problem, and then work to ensure that you won’t have any additional problems with your appliances in the near future. Our commercial HVAC services in Las Vegas, NV include regular maintenance visits, installations and replacements, repairs, and cleanings. To learn more about how we can individually help you, call Gold Medal Service at (702) 489-2100 today!

If you’re looking for assistance in regards to your commercial appliances, there are many ways we can help. Customers commonly call us up when they need help with their boilers, air conditioners, and furnaces. First of all, all of these machines should be cleaned professionally and carefully at least once a year. We can do this for you on a consistent schedule so you never even have to worry about it. It’s important to schedule these cleanings, as debris can get lodged into all of these appliances, and then result in needing repairs down the road. And if you can avoid repairs as much as possible, you want to.

We also offer regular maintenance visits, which we also recommend to happen at least once a year for our commercial customers. These maintenance visits are preventative. We survey the area and make sure that everything is running smoothly. If we notice something a bit off, we’ll tell you and find a solution to keep things as efficient as possible. We also offer repairs for any appliance or machine that may not be working correctly, as well as installations and replacements for those looking to install new systems on their commercial property.

We also extend our services to include commercial refrigeration appliances. Walk-in coolers and ice machines can need repairs, just like anything else. And instead of looking to replace a whole appliance, let us repair your existing one and get it back to a working condition in no time. As we understand these types of machines are vital to any business, we work in a quick time frame, yet we always make sure to work carefully and efficiently. We know how detrimental it is to a business to have any of their appliances not working properly. So, we work to ensure this issue doesn’t stay an issue for long!

Our Commercial HVAC Services

Need assistance with your many commercial appliances and machines? We can help! Whether you’re looking for scheduled maintenance visits or full-on repairs, we offer many different services to help fit you and your business’s needs. We understand how difficult it can be to work with a machine or appliance that is momentarily not working as it should, so we ensure that we get the job done quickly and carefully. For the past few decades, our team has worked on commercial air conditioners, boilers, furnaces, ice machines, walk-in coolers, and so many other machines and appliances. Simply put, we know what we’re doing. So let us help you in your time of need! To learn more about our commercial HVAC services in Las Vegas, NV, chat with our team at Gold Medal Service by calling us at (702) 489-2100! right now!

Commercial Boiler

Keep your commercial appliances and machines in great condition, or let us repair and install new ones for you.

Commercial Oven Repair

Don’t let a broken commercial oven keep your business down. Let us repair and fix it in no time!

Commercial Refrigeration Contractor

We understand how to repair, replace, and install many different commercial refrigeration appliances and machines for your business.


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