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We understand how important it is to keep your house cool or warm, when necessary. And while air conditioners and heaters can easily do this, sometimes (depending on your home or commercial property) a zoning system gets the job done a bit better. Our zoning system services help ensure that your house or commercial property is comfortable for all. And that’s very important! To learn more about how our zoning system services in Las Vegas, NV may benefit your family or your business, chat with Gold Medal Service by dialing (702) 489-2100 right now!

Zoning Systems


Sometimes, you want different parts of your house or commercial property to have different temperatures. This can be needed for a variety of reasons, and every situation is different depending on the size of the area and architecture of the building or home. Efficient zoning systems can help you achieve this goal. Often times, systems are set up with zoning systems to begin with. However, they can later be added on and installed with existing systems, though every situation is different. Chat with us to learn more about how a new and improved zoning system can benefit your house or commercial property. Zoning systems help increase the comfort level for your family or customers, and it also helps reduce overall heating or cooling costs. And that’s always a plus! Having worked in Las Vegas, NV for decades, we’re well aware of what needs to be done when installing or improving your zoning systems. To learn more about how we can specifically help you, chat with Gold Medal Service about our zoning system services in Las Vegas, NV by dialing (702) 489-2100 today!

For commercial properties, a lot of customers choose to improve their zoning system because of the area of their property. They want to improve the temperature across the whole building, and this can be done with our zoning system services. For residential homes, zoning systems help people control different temperatures in the upstairs and downstairs. With added thermostats to control these different areas, you have greater control over the temperatures in your home!


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