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At Gold Medal Service, we understand thermostats so you don’t have to. If yours stops working for whatever reason, we can repair it for you in no time. Oftentimes, homeowners look to upgrade their thermostats once they realize theirs is broken instead of taking the time and energy to repair an old thermostat system. We can help you with that too! We’ll share all of the different thermostat upgrades we offer in Las Vegas, NV, and we always include their price points so you know exactly what you’re investing in. We also offer installation services so we can ensure your thermostat is installed and working properly! Chat with our team in Las Vegas, NV, by calling Gold Medal Service at (702) 489-2100 to learn more.

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Thermostats are necessary additions to any HVAC or air cooling and heating system. After all, the thermostat is the part that helps you turn your system on or off, as well as set the temperature in your house to your desired degree. If your residential thermostat has fallen into disrepair — which can happen for a number of reasons — or if you’re looking to install a new thermostat, we’re here to help. We offer a slew of different thermostat options, all of which hit different price points, so you’re sure to find a great new thermostat for your home — and your budget! Residential thermostats are not as complex as a whole HVAC system can be, but that doesn’t mean they’re not important. Homeowners don’t typically realize how important thermostats actually are until they become old, or until they begin to fall apart. Our team of expert residential HVAC technicians can repair thermostats, as well as install new ones for your home that may better fit your lifestyle and living conditions. To learn more about all of our different thermostat options in Las Vegas, NV, and how we can help you, chat with Gold Medal Service by calling us at (702) 489-2100 today!

We offer various types of thermostats from the most basic type also happens to be the cheapest to more expensive thermostats with advanced features. Our basic thermostat is a manual type that is simple and allows you to turn your system on and off. However, we also offer WiFi and Energy Star Certified Thermostats. WiFi thermostats are more expensive than a regular manual type, but many people love this upgrade to their house. With a WiFi thermostat, you can control your thermostat through a Smartphone, which is great for so many homeowners. Regardless of what type of thermostat you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to get more information about our selection of residential thermostat systems!


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