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Ductless AC Installation

Anytime you invest in a new air conditioning system, it can prove to be rather stressful. Especially in the Las Vegas Valley, where air conditioning is needed to beat out the heat. We get it. We’ll be able to walk you through the benefits of ductless AC and whether it’s a great fit for you, your family, your budget, and your home. Whether you’re looking at ductless AC in Las Vegas, NV because you have an older home that was never hooked up to an air conditioning system, or because you’re looking for a cost-effective way to cool your home, we can help. To learn more, call Gold Medal Service at (702) 489-2100 today! We’ll be happy to talk with you and share more!

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Sometimes, it’s better for your house — and for you — to go with an air conditioning alternative that requires no ductwork. Many people look to ductless air conditioning if they have an older home that has never been set up with an AC unit before. Ductless AC is great for older homes, as it’s a somewhat simpler setup than traditional AC’s that require ductwork. A ductless AC has two components, an outdoor compressor and an indoor handling unit, that makes it an easy addition to any home. Ductless air conditioning isn’t just good for old homes. These AC systems are also cost effective and can be easily installed anywhere. Plus, they’re quite energy efficient, as they don’t require as much energy as regular ductwork AC’s do! To learn more about how a ductless AC could benefit your Las Vegas, NV home, chat with Gold Medal Service by dialing (702) 489-2100 today!

Our team understands how to install, replace, and repair ductless AC units. Much like our services with regular air conditioner repair and replacement, we offer our services to those with ductless ones, too. Ductless AC is great for residential homes that are looking to control different temperatures in different areas of the house. It’s perfect for a family who likes differing temperatures in their rooms! Plus, it does offer better indoor air quality, too! Chat with us now to learn more about how a ductless AC unit could potentially benefit you and your family.


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