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Our Furnace Installation & Repair Services

If you’re in need of furnace installation, maintenance, or repair services, we’re one call away! We work quickly, yet carefully, to ensure that your home has warm air during the cold winter months. If your furnace needs to be repaired, we’ll have everything under control in no time. We completely understand how stressful everything can be if your furnace stops working during the winter. We’re here to help ensure this problem doesn’t stay stressful for long! To learn more about our furnace installation and repair services in Las Vegas, NV, call Gold Medal Service now by dialing (702) 489-2100!

Furnace Services


A furnace that works accurately is much needed during the colder months of the year. As you may already know, your furnace is in charge of heating up your house during these cold days in the winter. You can control your furnace by using the thermostat in your house. Furnaces help circulate the warm air throughout your whole entire house, creating a comfortable environment regardless of how cold it is outside. It’s important to make sure your furnaces are always working and to check on them from time to time. Obviously, if you realize your furnace needs to be repaired, you’re going to want this done pronto. And we can help! Our team of licensed experts has been working on residential furnaces for decades now, so we know exactly what needs to be done if something is amiss. During colder days, we understand how vital it is to have boilers and furnaces that work. We offer installation, maintenance and repair services for furnaces. If you have any questions at all about your furnace, make sure to call us and we’ll help you out! To learn more about our furnace installation and repair services in Las Vegas, NV, call Gold Medal Service now at (702) 489-2100!

Our furnace services include installing new furnaces for your home, checking up on your furnaces during annually scheduled visits, and repairing any furnace that may have some issues. Commonly, we get calls from our customers if they hear loud noises coming from their furnace, if the warm air isn’t being properly circulated throughout their whole house, or if their furnace is blowing out cold air. If you’ve noticed any of these things, give us a call.


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