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Let Us Help You With Your Residential AC Repair and Maintenance in North Las Vegas

Sometimes, your air conditioner just doesn’t work. Finding a solution can be difficult and take up a lot of valuable time. Let the experts at Gold Medal Services help! With our team of trained professionals, we can assess and diagnose any residential air conditioning system in no time. We understand how to repair a wide variety of AC units efficiently, as well as keep them in good condition with scheduled maintenance checks. To learn more about how we can help repair or maintain your AC system services, call Gold Medal Service in Las Vegas, NV at (702) 489-2100 today!

Repairing & Maintaining Your Residential Air Conditioner in North Las Vegas

Your Air Conditioner

Is your home’s AC working the way it should? Every so often, you may realize that your AC needs to be tuned up to bring it back to its normal working condition. Sifting through hundreds of AC repairmen and technicians can be incredibly stressful and take hours of your time. Gold Medal Service has been repairing and maintaining residential AC units for over 13 years, and our reputation speaks for itself!

Everyone knows the Las Vegas heat is no joking matter, and summer temperatures just seem to keep getting higher. No one wants to deal with their home’s AC going out in the middle of summer — especially when the kids are all home on summer break. It’s a terrible scenario, and if you’ve found yourself in this position, it’s time to get help fast.

We understand and we are dedicated to helping you get back to comfortably living in your home. Our team of trained HVAC contractors understands the intricacies of residential AC repair in Las Vegas. They know how to diagnose the problem and uncover exactly why your AC isn’t working the way that it should. Whether you need a small repair or an AC replacement, we’ll be with you every step of the way, helping you decide whether to repair or replace your AC.

To learn more about how we can help, call Gold Medal Service at (702) 489-2100 today!

There are many reasons why you may need an AC repair or maintenance call from a certified HVAC contractor. If your residential AC is exhibiting any of these problems, call Gold Medal Service today, and we’ll answer any of your questions.

– Your residential air conditioner isn’t turning on
– AC is making weird noises
– The compressor isn’t working while the fan is running
– There’s water pooling around the air conditioner.

No matter what’s going on with your residential AC unit, we’ll make sure to inspect your AC and get to the bottom of it. We’ll repair your AC and answer all your questions as we do it!
Our residential air conditioning maintenance service also ensures that your air conditioning unit never falls into disrepair. We’ll set up annual AC maintenance checkups to monitor your filtering system, AC coils, condensate drains, and check for any refrigerant leaks.


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